Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Energy of Crowdsourcing

A big part of our Placing Literature project is going to rely on crowdsourcing, the idea that a large group of people will volunteer their time for the common good. In this case, we’ll be asking book lovers to plot on a map their favorite scenes from literature that take place in real, physical locations. Nothing too time intensive. Just, if someone is reading a novel and recognizes a setting, we’d ask that they spend five minutes inputting some data in a database about the scene and what the setting means to them.

A lot of other, successful web sites rely on crowdsourcing—wikipedia and urban dictionary are two examples. We hope to tap into the passion readers have about books to product a living document that everyone can enjoy and share.

I recently ran across a great RSAnimation video that talks about motivation and the crowdsourcing phenomenon. The speaker even suggests that a sense of purpose is more of a motivator than monetary rewards, and has a lot of studies to back up his assertion. What motivates you?

Check out the video: