Sights and Sounds of Duluth

As mentioned in the earlier blogpost, Lake Superior dominates the Twin Ports landscape.  One of the most defining landmarks in Duluth is the Areal Lift Bridge.  The ships that come into and leave the harbor have to pass under the bridge (unless they go through the Superior entry, and those photos will be posted another day).  On summer days, Canal Park, at the base of the Areal Lift Bridge is full of people watching the ships – some big “lakers,” bulk carriers mostly over 730 feet with wide bows , and “salties,” the ocean-going ships that are shorter and taller in the middle with more narrow bows.  One of the most familiar sounds is the Captain’s Salute – one long blast, followed by two short – it’s how the captains of the ships and the bridge greet each other.

Areal Lift Bridge, Duluth, from the Lakewalk.

Here is a little bit of sound from Canal Park.

Hat tip – Perfect Duluth Day.

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