Introducing Author Spotlight D.E. Johnson

We’re happy to announce our December Author Spotlight: D.E. Johnson.

D.E. Johnson is the author of a mystery series set in early 20th century Detroit. His first book, The Detroit Electric Scheme, was published in 2010, and he’s followed up with three more novels that take place in Michigan: Motor City Shakedown, Detroit Breakdown and Detroit Shuffle.

D.E. uses place in his writing in an interesting way. His father was a vice president of Checker Motors—beginning work with Checker in 1924 and continuing until 1980—and D.E.’s experiences growing up around the automobile industry in bustling Detroit has informed his writing and has shaped the way he writes. However, Detroit has changed quite a bit since its heyday, and it’s interesting to see how D.E. is able to bring that scene back to life when the city itself is hurting. Many of the places D.E. has mapped from his novels are just a shell of what they once were—but giving us that connection allows us to appreciate how majestic Detroit once was and could be again, giving momentum to the campaign to revitalize the city.

D.E. is going to continue to map the scenes from his novels over the course of December as well as Whiskey River by Loren Estleman, another mystery writer from Michigan. Estleman is mostly known for his mystery series featuring private investigator Amos Walker, a former Detroit policeman who was kicked out of the force for punching someone in the shower. Whiskey River isn’t part of the Amos Walker series but is set in and around Detroit. Check back over the course of December to track D.E.’s progress and follow him on Facebook.

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