Introducing IndieReader Author Spotlight Terri Giuliano Long

We introduced D.E. Johnson in our last post, and now I’d like to introduce our IndieReader Author Spotlight for December, Terri Giuliano Long.

Terri Giuliano Long is the author of In Leah’s Wake, an indie novel that received critical acclaim and spent some time on the New York Times bestsellers list. The book won several awards—including the IndieReader Discovery Award for Literary Fiction in 2012 (coincidence alert: my novel Learning to Haight was a finalist in the same category).

Terri is mapping the places from In Leah’s Wake as well as The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout throughout December. Both books take place in New England.

We’re really excited about another book that Terri will be mapping. Over the next several weeks she will map select places from her upcoming novel Until I Come Home, teasing her fans while building momentum for her mid-month launch. We’re excited that Terri has chosen Placing Literature to interact with her fans and release her latest work.

Follow Terri on and her blog to track her progress.

1 thought on “Introducing IndieReader Author Spotlight Terri Giuliano Long

  1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    Can I do that? I’m serializing my WIP as I finish it and polish it, a scene a week. Is it okay to label spots as they come up in the plot? I think I did one to test your system out, but felt vaguely guilty since the book isn’t finished.


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