IndieReader Author Spotlight Dianna Love

Who says love is in the air? Well, I do. It’s February, the month for lovers, and Placing Literature is focusing on Romance authors. Like horror stories, the interesting thing about romance novels is that they often use real places to give their stories a sense of realism. It can be exciting to read about two strangers who fall in love over time while telecommuting at their local coffee shop. Reading about two people falling in love at Nook, the coffee shop down the street from your apartment, is absolutely titillating.

New York Times bestselling author Dianna Love is our IndieReader Author Spotlight for February. The appropriately-named Love is the author of the critically-acclaimed Slye Temp romantic thriller series about a group of undercover agents who want to do the right thing but seem to get mixed up with the wrong lovers. Slye Temp’s cases send Love’s protagonists around the world to exotic locations, and we’ve been encouraging her to map international places on our map. In our phone interview, Love mentioned that she often visits the places she writes about—usually while on motorcycle road trips with her husband—giving the setting in her novels a realism they otherwise wouldn’t get.

Follow Love on Placing Literature and her Facebook page to track her progress.

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