IndieReader Author Spotlight Russell Blake

Russell Blake has been called a lot of things. He’s been described as everything from a first-rate thriller writer to everything that’s wrong with indie publishing. His work has even been called “Jason Statham movies on the page” by a Chicago newspaper–which I can’t tell if it’s an insult or not.

But if there’s really only one way to describe our IndieReader Author Spotlight for March: Russell Blake is proficient. Since retiring from his job as a home developer and moving to a beach in Mexico, Blake has self-published 25 novels in 30 months.

I can’t imagine reading 25 novels in 30 months, much less writing that many. It took me seven years to write my first novel, and I’m three years into my second. But Russell Blake obviously fills a niche. You don’t sell 435,000 books and have a huge fan base that anxiously waits for your next release without producing quality work. Simply put, Blake has found an audience and gives them what they want. And what they want is action-packed literary thrillers that take readers around the world–to faraway places–where compelling characters act and talk like they’re straight out of Hollywood.

Blake will be mapping the places in his best-selling JET series–a six-book international thriller series that follows a former secret agent who had to fake her own death. Jet goes on missions around the world, and I’m excited to see Blake fill out some of the more sparse regions of our map—from the Caribbean to the Central Caucasus.

Follow Blake throughout March on and his blog.

2 thoughts on “IndieReader Author Spotlight Russell Blake

  1. Russell Blake (@BlakeBooks)

    I kind of like a Jason Statham flick now and again. I’d say my work’s more Tarantino meets Bond with a Bourne twist, but perhaps that was too many words for the feature. Either way, I’ll take it! Thanks for the feature.


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