IndieReader Author Spotlight J. S. Cooper

It’s no secret that social media is the promotion tool of choice for authors today. The ability to connect directly with readers takes the middle men (publishers, promoters, booksellers) out of the equation, allowing authors to interact with their fans on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. Indie authors have become masters at creating these reader engagements, allowing them to control their own marketing, promotions and sales strategy without interference from Madison Avenue.

Our IndieReader Author Spotlight in April, J. S. Cooper is a great example of this shift. A contemporary romance author with several titles on the USA Today bestsellers list, Cooper interacts with her fans by giving them daily updates on her writing schedule, appearances and media hits, but more importantly, she shares vignettes from her personal life and vents online just like everyone else. In a way, Cooper is giving her fans the same insight into her personality as the characters in her books. And that can be powerful for both the author and the reader. As a result, Cooper has 10,000 followers on Facebook, 3,000 followers on Twitter and 30,000 ratings on Goodreads.

Placing Literature will be tapping into Cooper’s vast social network over the course of April, encouraging readers to map the places from Cooper’s 48 novels and short stories. This is a little different from our Author Spotlights in the past. Instead of mapping the novels herself, Cooper will encourage her followers to map her novels for her, giving them greater insight into the reading experience and encouraging them to think about the role of place in romance fiction.

Follow our grand experiment throughout April on and on J. S. Cooper’s Facebook page.

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