New Dickens Collection in Progress

ds-logoWe’ve recently partnered up with the Dickens Society–an international organization dedicated to conduct, further, and support research, publication, instruction, and general interest in the life, times, and literature of Charles John Huffam Dickens (1812-1870)–to create a Charles Dickens Collection on An on-going and continually growing project, the collection is being mapped by volunteer members of the society who would like to (re)read works written by Dickens and dive deeper into the places the author wrote about in his novels and short stories.

I guess you’d call the group effort a kind of crowdsourced, crowd-sourced project. Although, some contributors are sharing responsibility for mapping specific novels–which would be crowdsourcing a crowdsourcing of a crowd-sourced project. Ok, my head hurts. Check out more information on the Dickens Blog and contact emily.bowles [at] to get involved with the project.

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