Placing Literature is a one of the projects of the Reintegrate New Haven, an initiative to foster relationships and dialogue, and encourage collaboration between the arts and sciences.  To that end, Placing Literature is an effort to combine the art of literature and the science of geography, and create a database of places from scenes in literature—sourced and plotted by readers.

About the team members:

Andrew Bardin Williams is an author and copywriter living in New Haven, Conn. Inspired by the beats, Andrew strives to provide readers a sense of place in his fiction writing, using real-world locations (a laundromat, a café, a public square) to create setting, build tension and develop character. His novel Learning to Haight was named a finalist for the 2012 Indie Reader Discovery Award in literary fiction. A new member of The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, Andrew has done a reading at the Beat Museum in San Francisco, been featured by Kerouac.com and appeared on Dante’s Hot Tub on Radio Valencia. Discover his work at learningtohaight.com.

Kathleen Colin Williams is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Currently, she is working on her doctoral dissertation Resilience in Areas of Concern:  A comparative study of the engagement of stakeholders in environmental governance of Great Lakes coastal zones. Katie is concerned with the complexities of stakeholder/public participation in environmental governance and ecological restoration in formerly degraded areas along the Great Lakes.  Katie is finding that how people identify and experience a place is a piece of the complex puzzle of engaging the public in ecological restoration.

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  1. Ira Bickoff

    I am a high school science teacher and have been adapting primary source books, art and poetry for Google Earth touring. It’s a fun way to engage students as they explore text, science, history and geography. Feel free to use/share the material at: http://Sailthebook.net


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