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IndieReader Author Spotlight: Brian Duncan

Brian Duncan is our IndieReader Author Spotlight for this month, and he’s mapping the places from his novel The Settler. Set in Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) and South Africa, the novel follows an Englishman and his American companion who are caught up in old colonial wars. Brian lived in the the region for 12 years and spent much of his free time scouting locations for the story that he always¬†had in his head. Upon resettling in Gettysburg in the U.S., Brian pieced together the story based on his knowledge of the two countries and published his book in 2012. The Settler won an IndieReader Discovery Award in 2013 in the Historical Fiction category.

Tim Knox of Interviewing Authors interviewed Brian for our Placing Literature podcast. Hear Brian talk about his use of place in his writing and get a preview of his new book, coming out later this year.

And don’t forget to check out the places in The Settler on PlacingLiterature.com.