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RJ Julia Author Spotlight Bianca Turetsky

Bianca Turetsky is our R.J. Julia’s Author Spotlight for May. Bianca is the author of the Time-Traveling Fashionista young adult series which has perhaps the best concept for a book series I’ve ever heard. The protagonist travels through time by trying on vintage dresses she uncovers in a vintage clothing store. Upon slipping on a piece of antique clothing, she is transported back to Cleopatra’s court, Marie Antoinette’s palace and aboard the doomed Titanic.

And, as you can imagine, place plays an important role in Bianca’s telling of these time-traveling tales. In addition to keeping the historical details and locations accurate, she placed many of the fictional places in the book (the vintage dress shop for example) on real locations.

“I find it very grounding to do that,” Bianca wrote in an email. “Place is a memory trigger for me, so as I’m writing about what it’s like to be 12 years old, I try to use real places (schools, streets) to get myself back to that point.”

Check out Bianca’s map on PlacingLiterature.com and follow her on Twitter.