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IndieReader Author Spotlight: Samantha Towle

jan-1Sex, drugs, rock & roll and… literature? Yes! New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and international bestselling author Samantha Towle has combined them all in her romance series The Storm. In the books, Tru Bennet reconnects with old flame who just happens to be the lead singer in the world’s biggest rock band. Tru joins the tour as old feelings are rekindled.

Samantha will be mapping The Storm series (The Mighty Storm, Wethering the Storm and Taming the Storm) throughout the month as our IndieReader Author Spotlight for January. The books take place while The Mighty Storm is on world tour, bringing the characters around Europe and North America.

Rock music has also inspired Samantha’s other novels, most notably her Alexandra Jones paranormal romance series that she says were “all penned to tunes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Adele, The Doors, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, and more of her favorite musicians.”

Check out Samantha’s map throughout January on PlacingLiterature.com.

In the meantime, party on Samantha. Party on.

IndieReader Author Spotlight: Rachel Van Dyken

Author-Spotlight-VanDykenRachel Van Dyken is our IndieReader.com Author Spotlight for December. Rachel will be mapping her next book that comes out December 18, using the places she’s mapped on Placing Literature to tease her fans as she leads up to launch.

What a fantastic idea! Indie authors often don’t have the marketing resources of traditional publishers, so the ability to engage with readers in creative ways grows in importance. Virtual book tours, podcast interviews, countdowns on social media can be passé. Unveiling a new book one place at a time is new. It’s exciting! And readers will love it.

Follow Rachel’s literary road trip as she takes us through Chicago, the setting of her latest novel, Enforce. The book follows the same plot points as a previous novel, Elite, but from the perspective of two different characters. Readers of Elite will think they know the whole story, but they would be wrong.

Check out Rachel’s map here.

IndieReader Author Spotlight: Raine Miller

New York Times bestselling author Raine Miller writes both contemporary and historical romance novels and uses place to connect her characters across books, series and centuries. Placing Literature’s IndieReader Author Spotlight for November, Miller will be mapping these places throughout the month and share them with her readers.

“I get inspiration from locations all the time,” Miller explained to Tim Knox, host of the Placing Literature podcast. “I like to take walks, listen to stories from tour guides. I jot everything down in a notebook to file away for future stories.”

Miller’s novels take place throughout the UK–ranging from London to Belfast to the countryside outside Gloucester. Her latest novel, The Muse, will be released midnight tonight U.S. Mountain Time. She’s been revealing the scenes one by one leading up to tonight’s release, giving her fans sneak peaks into the setting and plot.

Check out Raine Miller’s map on Placing Literature and follow her progress throughout the month.

IndieReader Author Spotlight: Meredith Wild

oct2014_wildMeredith Wild, bestselling author of the Hacker series, is our IndieReader Author Spotlight for October. Throughout the month Meredith, who lives in New Hampshire, will be mapping places from her romance novels around the Boston area.

Meredith is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and has run several internet businesses over the years. In fact, it’s her role as a woman in the male-dominated technology industry that inspires her writing. She relishes being able to “tackle the topic of power play in and out of the bedroom between two intelligent and strong-willed characters.” Continuing, she says, “More than anything, I was really focused on writing a female lead who could experience a degree of surrender in a sexual relationship without giving up control over her life.”

Setting plays a big part in defining that power struggle between the two characters, putting them in places that define and break down traditional gender roles. Hear more about the role of place in Meredith’s writing on the Placing Literature podcast with host Tim Knox.

In the meantime, check out Meredith’s map at PlacingLiterature.com as she continues to map the places from her novels.

Author Spotlight Tori L. Ridgewood

Writing about a particular place can be a labor of love for some authors, giving them a chance to share their favorite towns and hangouts with others. Think of Charles Dickens and London. Or Anne Rice and New Orleans. Garrison Keillor and rural Minnesota.

While our February Author Spotlight Tori L. Ridgewood sets her new romance series in the fictional town of Talbot, the small town is actually based on Ridgewood’s hometown of Cobalt in Central Canada. The places in her novels exist but the actual names have been changed to protect the innocent. Cobalt is a small town after all, and Ridgewood is known for her steamy romance stories.

Placing Literature is giving Ridgewood the opportunity to connect the fictional Talbot to the real Cobalt, essentially overlaying the maps of the two towns on top of each other where Ridgewood can highlight their similarities and their differences. Think of the places she maps this month as hidden Easter eggs—virtual winks and nudges in the ribs to her fans who will now be able to receive additional context to the settings in her novel.

Ridgewood has deeply inspired by another novel that romanticized another region of Canada, Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery. Ridgewood says about the novel:

“Set in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Montgomery’s detailed descriptions of the landscape were informed by her experiences there, and they simply leap off the pages of the story. Creepy spruce forests, romantic laneways created by budding cherry trees, shining ponds and fields full of wildflowers bordered by the red dirt roads unique to the island—Montgomery’s writing painted word pictures for me that have stayed with me since childhood.”

In addition to her first book and prequel in the Talbot series, Ridgewood will be mapping Anne of Green Gables which is set near Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, which is a popular destination for thousands of tourists. Ridgewood was able to visit the island when she was a teenager and walked the paths of her favorite red-haired heroine. She’d like to return again with her husband and children, but the first step is mapping the scenes in Placing Literature.

Follow Tori’s mapping journey here throughout February.

IndieReader Author Spotlight Dianna Love

Who says love is in the air? Well, I do. It’s February, the month for lovers, and Placing Literature is focusing on Romance authors. Like horror stories, the interesting thing about romance novels is that they often use real places to give their stories a sense of realism. It can be exciting to read about two strangers who fall in love over time while telecommuting at their local coffee shop. Reading about two people falling in love at Nook, the coffee shop down the street from your apartment, is absolutely titillating.

New York Times bestselling author Dianna Love is our IndieReader Author Spotlight for February. The appropriately-named Love is the author of the critically-acclaimed Slye Temp romantic thriller series about a group of undercover agents who want to do the right thing but seem to get mixed up with the wrong lovers. Slye Temp’s cases send Love’s protagonists around the world to exotic locations, and we’ve been encouraging her to map international places on our map. In our phone interview, Love mentioned that she often visits the places she writes about—usually while on motorcycle road trips with her husband—giving the setting in her novels a realism they otherwise wouldn’t get.

Follow Love on Placing Literature and her Facebook page to track her progress.